Sleepwalk Circus

Sleepwalk Circus 2014

Sleepwalk Circus is the belief in moving through life with eyes closed. Currently on its sixth circus, the band has evolved from a trio to a quartet of artists feeding off each other in the ring, putting on a show that can range from daydreams, false awakenings, lucid moments, healing sounds, recurring dreams, as well as nightmares. Sleepwalk Circus consists of contradicting, genre apathetic, effects driven sound guided by mental counting, unnecessarily metaphorical, obsessive compulsive people. Often described as a “working frankenstein of music genres”, audiences have commented that the band’s sound falls somewhere within the alternative, post rock, shoegaze, nu-gaze, dream-pop, math rock venn diagram of sound. 2010 saw the release of their debut album “Great Secret Show” which earned them picks, recommendations and recognition from various media outlets as well as numerous nominations from different award-giving bodies. This includes a win for Francis and Peavey for NU107’s last 2010 Best Guitarists award as well as NU107’s best album packaging award. Their long lost second album has been resurrected and should be expected in 2015. Sleewalk Circus is:

Matt Warren | Garuda | Guitars & Vocals

Peavey Nicolas | The Sideshow | Guitars & Vocals

Antonette Mendoza | Marionette | Bass & Vocals

Eo Marcos | Dynamo | Drums

So step right up, folks, don’t be shy, this show has always been running.