The Ringmaster

Ringmaster Purple 2

Francis Lorenzo is a Manila/Jakarta based multi-instrumentalist, composer & producer often using the stage name / persona of ‘The Ringmaster’. The same persona was used for Manila based Nu-gaze/Indie band, the multi-award winning ‘Great Secret Show’ by Sleepwalk Circus. Known for his guitar effect prowess, signature dreamy tones and heavily layered arrangement, The Ringmaster debut album has been described as being “simple yet intricate; and somehow still grand”.

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The limited edition hard copy album “Delusion of Reference” was recently released under Terno Recordings and is currently available in selected stores (Fully Booked displays it on the counter due to it’s unique size) with the special online version to be released soon.

“The way Francis Lorenzo takes his music seriously, deprived from all surface and gimmickry, might tell us something about the type of person he is: straightforward and reserved, a man with wisdom above and beyond his years.” – Vandals On The Wall

“..It’s the spaces in between the abstract sounds that makes me invest a part of me with it, but with no rush and without the feeling of pressure, making me hang in unknown pleasure. It then escalates into a form that makes me burst gracefully, and comforts me all at once..” MA of Radio Republic